Frequently Asked Questions

Have a Question about Your DAHON Folding Bike? We've Got the Answers!

How can I get spares or warranty support?

Your first port of call for spares and warranty support should be your DAHON dealer or original retailer. They will work with your national distributor (or our hq if in the USA) to obtain the part you need and ensure it is properly fitted. For warranty claims always make sure you retain your original receipt.

Where can I buy a DAHON folding bike?

DAHON folding bikes are available in the US and Canada and in over 30 other countries. Please visit our Store Finder for your nearest stockist. If you are not able locate an authorized dealer, you are welcome to send us an email and we would be glad to help you find one – or you may try visiting your local bicycle store to ask for DAHON. If they don’t stock our bikes, have them contact us or the national distributor to order directly. Please note: not all DAHON folding bike models are available in all countries.

How much does a DAHON folding bicycle cost?

Our corporate mission is promoting the growth of clean transportation. To support this goal, we price our bicycles within reach of the average consumer. “High-end” models for the cycling enthusiast, boasting state-of-the-art components and material technology, are priced accordingly. Prices and specifications may vary with the region.

How easily can I get service and parts for my DAHON folding bike?

Except for frame, fork and handle post, most parts are standard and can be replaced through any quality bicycle dealer. If you have a problem with a frame or other component that isn’t stocked by your dealer, the DAHON distributor for your region will help you.

How light are DAHON folding bikes compared to standard and other folding bikes?

Optimizing the weight of our bikes through state-of-the-art technology is our on-going goal. Today, our lightweight models are made of carbon, titanium, magnesium, and patented aluminium alloys – the lightest weighing only 19.4 lbs (8.8 kg).

How compact is a DAHON folding bicycle?

DAHON folding bikes are among the most compact in every class (16″, 20″, 26″), folding into neat, easy-to-store and transport rectangles with no protruding parts. A DAHON folding bike 16″ reduces to the size of a shopping bag and fits under a bus seat or in an airline luggage bin; two 16″ and two 20″ folders fit side-by-side in the trunk of most midsize cars. Dahon 26″ models are the most compact of their class.

I’m a big guy; will a folding bike support my weight and riding position?

All of our 16″ and 20″ bicycles are rated for riders up to 230 lbs (105 kg); our 26″ bicycles up to 240 lbs (110 kg). The 16″ and 20″ folders are designed with extendable seat posts for a customized fit and are ideal for riders from 4’4″ -6’4″ (130 cm – 190 cm); our 26″ models generally suit riders over 5’4″ (160 cm). These guidelines may vary according to your preferred riding style.

How safe and sturdy are folding bicycles? Will it fold while I’m riding it?

All our frames and folding components are built in our own ISO 9001 certified factories, and all our bicycles exceed the rigorous U.S. and European strength and safety standards, as well those of Japan, Germany, the UK and France. All our engineering designs are rigorously tested and re-tested in our own laboratories. DAHON DoubleLok technology makes our latches and locks virtually fail-safe.

Are smaller wheels slower than large wheels?

Relatively speaking, no. A small wheel has a slightly higher rolling resistance than a larger wheel. But this is only one element of “speed.” Small wheels offer several performance advantages: they accelerate faster due to a lower moment of inertia, are more aerodynamic, and lighter. In fact, the world speed record for a bike ridden in an upright position was set on a bike with 18″ wheels.

Do I have to pedal faster on a bike with small wheels?

DAHON’s unique gear engineering uses oversized chain rings and/or smaller rear cogs to give you the feel of riding a full-size bike – you don’t have to pedal any harder or faster.

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